Ideafly waterproof fishing drone Poseidon-480

POSEIDON - 480 waterproof unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is specially designed for Marine operation and new waterproof unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), he was born to solve the conventional aerial drones is unable to solve the security problem, innovative product design The machine volume is smaller, more powerful, more convenient operation, and combined with the most advanced craft technology and meet the demands of various special aerial gimbal stabilization technology.POSEIDON - 480 is a professional photographer and producer of the film and television art creation of a new starting point, let you be creative, open the colorful image space.

The waterproof: IP68 waterproof grade,

Long-endurance: 35-40 minutes,

The small wheel base: 480 mm,

Big tension: 3.8 KG,

Strong compatibility: compatible with most gimbal camera market

But in the condition of no foot landing, to do 360 degrees without a corner aerial

Product parameters:

The flying time: 35-40 min (light, battery: 10000 ma 6 s 22.8 V)

Diagonal wheelbase: 480 mm

Propeller: 1355 mm (self-locking oar)

Empty machine weight: 1600 g

Maximum take-off weight: 3.8 Kg

Battery 1:4500 ma 6 s 22.2 v lipo (standard)

22.8 V lipo batteries 2:10 000 ma 6 s (optional)

The charger: 9 v - 32 v, 150 w

Remote control: 10 channel 2.4 G two-way automatic frequency hopping number system

Yuntai: sports level aerial gimbal, work under 5-6 class wind

Camera camera: a small ant movement, 16 million pixels 1080 p hd video camera, 240 frames high-speed photograph, 72 grams of small size light weight, MIC stereo input/output, Wifi

Bluetooth 4.0, 155 ultra wide Angle

FPV screen: 7 inch , built-in battery, built-in receiver

Figure preach: 650 milliwatts

Figure the distance: 800-1000 m

The maximum vertical speed: 6 m/s

The biggest drop in speed: 3 m/s